Angelic Guidance

         5 Secrets to Thrive with Your Health 

We have faced a health crisis of monumental proportions. It is easy to fall into negative thoughts and even more negative emotions. These aren't the best conditions for health. 

  • A stressed immune system is a sick immune system.
  • A happy immune system is a HEALTHY immune system. 

It's your choice but you have all the support you need. Just ask your Angels

This program is only available for a short time, so act quickly! 

The program really is limited to the people who have 

been invited through this special program.

You don't want to miss your spot, do you?

There are 5 Secrets that come directly from the

Angels. They choose the cards and gave me the

words to say to you. 

Several Angels showed up for you. Let's see who they are and what they have to say. Just watch the videos.

It really is easier than you might think! And the answers are Truth.

Ask Your Angels for Guidance

Because you are still reading this, you know you’re ready to receive guidance on a more regular basis! This can only happen if you take the next step to commit to yourself and to your future.

The Angels and I are ready, willing and able to assist you whenever you ask. 

Receive guidance in your very first session! 

Keep a journal of your success and...

remind yourself that you can ask the Angels whenever you want more guidance. 

Practice, practice, practice and become better at listening to your guidance.

It's easier than you think. Find some time to be quiet. Belly Breathe and focus only on your breath. Ask your question, then receive your guidance. 

Who is Dr. Steph?
She is a teacher

Stephanie is a world-wide published author, accomplished teacher and energy medicine expert. She is also an expert in stress and stress management techniques.

Stephanie is currently the only energy medicine practitioner in the Colorado Roaring Fork Valley who had Dr. C. Norman Shealy as her adviser while earning a Doctorate of Theology (Th.D.) in Energy Medicine from Holos Graduate Seminary and her Ph.D. in Energy Medicine at Greenwich University.

She has written three books, a series of guided imagery and meditations, is in the process of launching an internet program designed to teach people the five basic self-healing skills. You will learn how to easily integrate them into everyday living to create and generate a much purposeful and fulfilling life and abundance on all levels.

She recently retired from teaching at Colorado Mountain College. Her courses were widely attended by many students. They were Health and Fitness, High Level Wellness, Optimal Stress Management and the Gift of Self Esteem. She has designed a stress management program for the employees of local businesses who are feeling the negative effects of this economy.

Stephanie’s clients come from a variety of different backgrounds, all with one intention. To feel better. How does it get any better than this?

What do people have to say about Dr. Steph?

Clients and students often say that Dr. Steph is a great teacher.

They feel better after talking with her and gaining new perspectives. 

Her personal motto is to "Learn something new everyday."

Creating a new brain creates a new life.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our information and techniques are proven effective. However, sometimes people don't realize their benefits.

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