5 Angelic Secrets to Thriving in Your Health

Stephanie Stanfield · January 20, 2021
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The inspiration to do a program of 5 angelic secrets came from – you guessed it – time spent in meditation and communication with my angels and guides.

I was inspired to draw 5 cards from my Angel card decks. I drew from Doreen Virtue’s Angel card decks. I drew from Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael decks for this series. Archangel Michael is the “all purpose” angel and can be called on anytime to support you in your life and in your health.

Archangel Raphael is generally known as the healing angel. His aura or color is emerald green. His recommendations are usually in your highest good and for your highest good. His healing suggestions are practical and easy to follow.

To receive these 5 Secrets, I meditated over the decks and thought of a number. I went to the number of the card in the deck and picked it out. (Each deck has about 44 cards and if I thought of the number 12, I counted out the cards to the twelfth card and set it face down)One of the greatest attributes of any of these cards is that they are relevant and the intuition around them is new and fresh. So you can come back to these at any time and you will find whatever it is that you are seeking.

When you start, open the first module and spend the day with it. Look at the card, watch the video and meditate or journal on the message that came to you.

On Day 2, open the second module and spend the day with that one. Do it this way until you have completed all 5. Then come back at any time to refresh and see what else is possible.

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