Exploring Your Complete Chakra System

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The Interface Between The Physical and Spiritual

Exploring Your Complete Chakra System is a 12-month interactive coaching and wellness course. When you implement the practices and exercises from the course, healthy changes in your brain, mind, beliefs, perceptions, and understandings become routine.
This course is a profound and life-changing experience. If you are a person who is committed to your health and you apply yourself, the rewards are immense.

IMAGINE YOU – Raising your vibration daily!

The “Exploring your Complete Chakra System” Coaching Program Includes:

  • 12 Months of Coaching with Dr. Steph
  • 3 live calls each month and access periodically throughout the month
  • 12 Months of Interactive Materials – short, informative videos, written notes and reviews
  • Guided Imagery Downloads for Daily Listening and Practice
  • Skills sheets to Track Your Improvements
  • Bonus Materials – Videos and PDF downloads
  • Access to Support During Your Year of Coaching

This wellness program is based on many proven techniques that include multi-dimensional learning practices and cognitive behavioral strategies. It’s unique design builds week by week and you can easily track your growth and transformation.

Would you like to increase your wellness and heighten your intuition? What else is possible for increasing your vibration with intention and purposeful growth?

How does your thriving and relaxation increase so your life becomes joyful and abundant?

This program is uniquely designed to show  you how to access the powerful and benevolent energies of the universe to accomplish your personal goals!

People who had journeyed through this program have improved their life beyond their wildest dreams.

Become able to ultimately realize your lifelong dreams. Don’t you want to start feeling better now? What will it take for you to commit to the fullness and joy of the life you chose to create?

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