Eliminate Fear to Find PEACE

Stephanie Stanfield · April 22, 2020
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“Fear is showing up everywhere in many ways, everything from anger to depression, but you don’t have to live in that fear. Now you can learn to release fear and live in peace.”

You can’t go anywhere, read anything or watch TV without hearing about it constantly!

What is the source of all this WORLD WIDE FEAR?

This pandemic spread of fear all started in China with someone dying of an illness named coronavirus.

It moved fast and left destruction wherever it went. Soon it came to the United States, taking over all our lives. Creating something new that we’ve never seen or experienced.

Now the world has become so fearful that it’s taking your life and turning it upside down.

You’ve seen the statistics of people dying all over the world and fear taking hold, showing up in so many ways. Some people are in hiding, afraid of being close to others. Other people are spewing anger at everyone that they see. Others are in denial, hoping things will get back to normal (whatever that was).

But the reality is that everyone is in fear and that fear is destroying lives just as much as the virus is.

This pandemic fear may not be killing people physically, but it is destroying relationships and, more importantly, your peace of mind. This is no way to live!

There are 3 kinds of stress that produce fear – physical, mental, emotional. These fears are named, described and new possibilities are explored.

Reduce your fear, stress and worry to have PEACE, harmony. love and so much more.

It really is easier than you might think!

Are you struggling? Are you in fear? Anger? Depression?

You think, “There must be a better way!” But you don’t know what that is.

Hi, my name is Roger House and I know what you are going through! I’ve been there and not just for a few months, but for over 16 years.

Why? Because I didn’t know that fear came in so many faces and so many levels. I struggled with fear after 9-11. I become homeless, losing everything I owned. I survived somehow by living on other people’s couches and depending on them for almost everything else.

I’ve lived in fear, anger, depression and many other emotions that I know may be one that you are going through right now. In fact, I walked on a path of self-destruction hating everything about me and life itself. It took me over 16 years to find my way out. Now I’ve made it a mission to help as many people as I can to release their fear in a much shorter time frame.

I searched for the answers that entire 16 plus years and every time I discovered something new, I thought, “This is it! I have found the answer!” Only to find it was only a small step toward getting out of my own fears. I’ve learned so much in the past 20 years of searching and when I ran into Dr. Stephanie Stanfield, she helped me put all the learning I had and all that she went through together. We started on a path that showed us we can help anyone no matter where they are in their fear to release it and live in peace.

Now I can say that I live in passion and share it with others.

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