The Optimal Health Coach Interviewed by Carol Chapman

Carol Chapman Interviews The Optimal Health Coach

Are you challenged by today’s ever changing and increasingly expensive healthcare world? Are the “tried and true’ approaches to health and wellness not really so true anymore?

More and more people today are naturally gravitating toward using a more holistic approach that utilizes complementary and alternative therapies. This can be confusing to many, so it is helpful to understand who can help you the most. Look for people who are credentialed or certified when choosing an alternative practitioner.

Today, I am interviewing a person who has a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine and has been certified through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. After years of study and research, Dr. Steph has created a coaching program that is focused on relieving and reducing stress and all the physical ailments that stress causes.

I sat down to interview Dr. Steph because I just read her recently published Kindle book, Stress Buster Secrets – Shake Stress, Master Wellness and while reading the first few pages, I found that I learned something I didn’t know before.

Q: Dr. Steph, what has caused you to focus so much on stress?

It has been an interesting journey to reach this point. I had many health challenges that couldn’t be managed through conventional medicine. The doctors I saw would start a treatment, it wouldn’t work and they would say, “There is nothing more I can do for you.” I was getting worse and then, I lost my job and became a single parent. And there were days when I couldn’t get out of bed. Something had to change.

Then I took a pain management seminar. My life changed and I had to find out how that happened.

I learned the role that stress had played in my life, health and finances. This helped me to understand my lifelong passion to support other people who were struggling in the same ways to be more relaxed, pain free and really start to enjoy their life.

Most, if not all, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-stress is caused by stress. Any auto-immune disorder, chronic pain, diabetes, irritable bowel, etc. can be traced back to unrelenting stress.

Q: That is very interesting. When did you decide that you could help other people who were in the same type of struggle?

I soon learned much of the material so I could teach the seminar. It was so fascinating. People who were in tremendous pain and under severe stress got measurably better. I had to find out how this happened. Every single person in the seminar improved, some more than others, of course.

It was then that I knew that anyone could improve their health. They just needed to know more than they knew because once they knew something more, they could BE more.

It seemed like magic.

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Q: WOW! Magic! The results were that outstanding!?!

A: Yes. I saw people in severe pain change and sometimes eliminate their pain levels. I was so impressed, I became really curious to learn more. That’s when I started a more formal, research-based program of advanced study.

Q:A formal, research-based program of advanced study? Oh, yeah, I remember now, you’ve got a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine!  So, when people call you Dr. Steph, it’s because you really have a doctorate! What did you learn in your graduate studies?

I realized it wasn’t magic at all! Everyone has the ability and capacity to manage their health because it is really up to them. As stated in many research projects, “When people decide to get better, they can.”

I show people how they can make that decision, and then start doing what it takes to support themselves throughout the healing process. It’s very simple and sometimes not easy. That is where the coaching part of this approach is so important.

As it turns out, there are an infinite number of stressors. I just focus on what I think  are the 5 serious stressors.

Q: Five? Why five?

That is easy. I looked at the categories of greatest improvement in my research study and figured out that there are some similar causes for the stress origins in those categories.

Q: So, you chose five, because of similar origins?

A: Yes.  Not necessarily because of similar origins – stress is the origin. These are simply the most common ones that I see in my clients and the research study participants. One conclusion to draw is that the nature of society and our lives creates an environment where these stressors flourish.

Q: Now, I’m really curious. What are those 5 stressors?

I have listed these stressors in my free report. People can request the report by clicking here:

Q: Wonderful! I look forward to receiving your free report. What else do you offer?

You can schedule a session with me. These sessions are called Your Energy and Productivity Strategy Session because you will learn about a couple of things you keep hidden from yourself and what to do about shifting them.

Q: Great. Is it free too?

It is free for a limited number of people and for a limited time, so it is best for people to schedule now.

Q: If I schedule a session with you, what can I expect?

Each session is unique. We discuss what a couple of your stresses are and you can discover what creates those stressors and some simple fixes to begin helping you feel better.

Q: Some simple fixes? That sounds good. I can imagine that a session with you could be really interesting and even fun.

In fact, it can be a fascinating time of self-discovery and new awareness. I enjoy helping people to improve their lives and want them to have fun while doing it.


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