Eliminate Your Fears

Find your inner Strength to live in PEACE


Does it seem as if everyone and everything is reacting with FEAR? Are others are trying to share their fear with you?

Did you know it is possible to find your PEACE, even if there doesn't seem to be any?

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            Why would you want to wait any longer when you can

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"Fear is showing up everywhere in many ways, everything from anger to depression, but you don’t have to live in that fear. Now you can learn to release fear and live in peace."

You can't go anywhere, read anything or watch TV without hearing about it constantly!

What is the source of all this WORLD WIDE FEAR?

This pandemic spread of fear all started in China with someone dying of an illness named coronavirus.

It moved fast and left destruction wherever it went. Soon it came to the United States, taking over all our lives. Creating something new that we’ve never seen or experienced.

Now the world has become so fearful that it’s taking your life and turning it upside down.

You’ve seen the statistics of people dying all over the world and fear taking hold, showing up in so many ways. Some people are in hiding, afraid of being close to others.

Others are spewing anger at everyone that they see. Still more are in denial, hoping things will get back to normal (whatever that was).

But the reality is that everyone is in fear and that fear is destroying lives just as much as the virus is.

This pandemic fear may not be killing people physically, but it is destroying relationships and, more importantly, your peace of mind. This is no way to live!

There are 3 kinds of stress that produce fear - physical, mental, emotional. This program helps you name and describe your fears so that new possibilities can be explored. 

Reduce your fear, stress and worry to have PEACE, harmony. love and so much more.

It really is easier than you might think!

Are you struggling? Are you in fear? Anger? Depression?

You think, "There must be a better way!" But you don't know what that is.

Hi, my name is Roger House and I know what you are going through! I’ve been there and not just for a few months, but for over 16 years.

Why? Because I didn’t know that fear came in so many faces and so many levels. I struggled with fear after 9-11. I become homeless, losing everything I owned. I survived somehow by living on other people’s couches and depending on them for almost everything else.

I’ve lived in fear, anger, depression and many other emotions that I know may be one that you are going through right now. In fact, I walked on a path of self-destruction hating everything about me and life itself. It took me over 16 years to find my way out. Now I’ve made it a mission to help as many people as I can to release their fear in a much shorter time frame.

I searched for the answers that entire 16 plus years and every time I discovered something new, I thought, "This is it! I have found the answer!" Only to find it was only a small step toward getting out of my own fears. I’ve learned so much in the past 20 years of searching and when I ran into Dr. Stephanie Stanfield, she helped me put all the learning I had and all that she went through together. We started on a path that showed us we can help anyone no matter where they are in their fear to release it and live in peace.  

Now I can say that I live in passion and share it with others.


Welcome to Eliminate Your Fears

Find Your PEACE

If you are still reading, I know you’re ready to your eliminate fears! 

But only if you take jusr one more step to eliminate the emotions that are holding you hostage.

Together, Dr Steph and I created a 14 day program that is easy to use and follow (yes you read that right!) and you effortlessly move from fear into peace.

Being feeling your PEACE the very first day! 

Dr. Steph and I both learned many techniques that release emotions that keep a grip on people and combined them with the theories of Dr. David R. Hawkins in his book, “Power vs. Force". We take you through how an emotion shows up in your life so you can recognize it, what happens to your life if you let it stay and how to release it with fast simple techniques. These are techniques that both of us know to bring you one step closer every day to creating your peace.

Never again allow your fear to freeze you in your tracks.

Here’s everything you need to shift from fear into PEACE

You start by going being introduced to Dr. Steph and Roger. We give you an overview of how the next 14 days will progress. 

Your first module provids you with exploring your first level of stuck energy. You get started right away with the information and techniques to use and begin feeling more at PEACE.

Each day you will be taken into a level of energy and emotion, explaining how it shows up. We end the sessions with each of us sharing healing techniques that will release the emotion moving through you and prepare you for the next day.

After these 14 days, you will find a level of peace within you that you may never have experienced before.

Did you know that you...

can become an expert at finding and clearing stuck emotions that you may not have known you even had?

There are long term benefits like...

knowing what the stuck emotions feel like so you recognize them, not just in yourself but also in others. This means that you can have a better understanding of why people react the way they do.

Keep a journal of your success and...

discover what happens to you if you hold onto an emotion for too long. Learn how you can release it in a matter of minutes instead of being stuck for a lifetime.

Practice, practice, practice and become better at finding your PEACE!

Learn and use techniques that you can use for creating peace for the rest of your life!. Use them daily, especially whenever you find an emotion that seems to keep you hostage.

What you can expect for the next 14 Days?

Each day, you will recieve the video to watch and

your exercises to complete.


Day 1: Eliminate Shame and Bring in Empowerment

Shame is insidious. It creeps in to every part of your life. Shame demands so much energy, you become incapable of doing what you want to do. Sometimes it even keeps you from getting out of bed. If shame is affecting your life in any way, join us to discover ways out of shame into empowerment.


Day 2: Eliminate Hopelessness to Bring in Courage

So many of our life events are beyond our control. Constant lack of control shows up as feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Courage to the rescue! Find your courage and begin living into your courage.


Day 3: Eliminate Grief to Step Into Trust

Our "normal" routines are forever gone. Every day we wake up to the unknown. There is a natural process of grieving a loss. We have lost what was. Feel your grief and know it is a part of a process of accepting the loss. Move into trust. Trust that you can create something better and trust yourself through the process.


Day 4: Fear to Optimism

Facing your fears is a signal that change has happened or is happening. Most of us think that fear is a bad thing but it is an important part of life. Release the past, feel the fear then move into possibilities. Now you are creating optimism. Discover the ease of creating what you choose.


Day 5: From Frustration to Hopeful

How frustrated are you? Feeling like you can't handle what is going on any longer? Is there now a strong urge to vent and take your feelings out on both yourself and others? You can change that emotion into something more helpful and healthy. Hope is a healing choice.


Day 6: Shifting From Anger into Intention

Did you know that anger can actually be a good thing? Anger is a motivational emotion can catapult you out of the lower vibration emotions into higher vibrations. How can you use anger to your advantage? Can you intend to master your fears?


Day 7: From Aggression to Acceptance

Aggression occurs when there is a sense of no relief, a constant building of frustration and no healthy outlet for release. Aggression is a sign that surviving, not thriving is uppermost in your life. Acceptance can quickly change aggression. It isn't really an outlet for aggression but rather a transmutation of that energy. How does that happen? Join and learn.


Day 8: From Panic into Confidence

Panic or anxiety are milder forms of fear. It creeps up or comes up suddenly and can be mild or incapacitating. Panic is unconscious fear expressing itself. What does it take to shift into confidence? Knowing your panic signal while it is at a  lower level is very helpful to shift into confidence.


Day 9: From Denial into Reason

Denial is not a river in Egypt! It is a coping strategy to give a person time to adjust to new or stressful circumstances. Denial becomes a block to life when a person stays in denial or refuses to shift. This feels like being stuck or set in concrete. Reason isn't merely logic. It is a powerful healing method.


Day 10: From Hate to Transcendence

Hate is a mutation of anger because you have been forced to accept something that you do not like. How do transmute hate when you are in the middle of it, feeling justifiable anger? After all, you are justified! Hate is like battery acid in your system. How can you prevent it eating away at you? Build the skills of confidence and reason to transcend hate and move into peace.


Day 11: From Competitive to Harmonious

Competition, whether conscious or unconscious, is comparing yourself to others to "win". If it goes unchecked, It can create anger, hate and fear. It consumes energy while producing no benefits. You begins to feel paranoid. Being in harmony is so much more than the lack of competition. Harmony is collaboration within self and with other people, events and places.


Day 12: From Demanding to Complete

What happens when you think of a demanding person? That person is usually someone that is anxious and emotionally needy, having high standards that are hard to satisfy. But events in life can be demanding, too. You may feel as if nothing you do or say can ease the demands. Feeling complete a sense of being whole and a part of something bigger than self. It's easier than you think.


Day 13: From Open Minded & Permitting into Love

Do you believe that being open minded as a good thing? Usually it is. It is better than the emotions of fear, anger, and worry. But it isn't quite as beneficial for you are being Love. Love is expansive and makes life wonderful, purposeful and enjoyable.


Day 14: From Coping into Peace

Coping is a strategy similar to avoiding. Did you realize that just coping means that the issue is ongoing and not resolved? Peace occurs when issues are resolved and no longer tormenting you into fear, hate or anger. Peace is a state of being.


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Did you know that beliefs are now habits?

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Who is Roger House?
He is a peacemaker

Roger began his career in the Marines at the age of 17. H was quickly promoted in every job he was given. His work lead him to his dream job as a Performance Consultant, responsible for developing and presenting training to all employees in many different businesses.

After 9-11, he spiraled out of control becoming homeless -dealing with how he was going to survive wondering, where his next meal was coming from to where he was going to sleep each night. He wrestled with his demons for well over 16 years trying to find a way out. Better than that,  how to survive.

During those years he studied under many experts in many different fields trying to find “The One” answer that would get him out of the fear and into thriving in life again. It became clear to him that there was not one way of finding his solution.

With many techniques under his belt, and becoming an expert at many of them, he found that the true solution was not within a technique but within the people that help you become the best YOU.

Now he’s ready to share his talents guiding you to become the best you, you can be. Teaming up with Dr. Stanfield was not by accident, Roger feels that it is a blessing. It is what he and Stephanie are here to do. We are ready to support anyone that is ready to find their inner peace and become the best this world will ever see.   

Who is Dr. Steph?
She is a teacher

Stephanie is a world-wide published author, accomplished teacher and energy medicine expert. She is also an expert in stress and stress management techniques.

Stephanie is currently the only energy medicine practitioner in the Colorado Roaring Fork Valley who had Dr. C. Norman Shealy as her adviser while earning a Doctorate of Theology (Th.D.) in Energy Medicine from Holos Graduate Seminary and her Ph.D. in Energy Medicine at Greenwich University.

She has written three books, a series of guided imagery and meditations, is in the process of launching an internet program designed to teach people the five basic self-healing skills. You will learn how to easily integrate them into everyday living to create and generate a much purposeful and fulfilling life and abundance on all levels.

She recently retired from teaching at Colorado Mountain College. Her courses were widely attended by many students. They were Health and Fitness, High Level Wellness, Optimal Stress Management and the Gift of Self Esteem. She has designed a stress management program for the employees of local businesses who are feeling the negative effects of this economy.

Stephanie’s clients come from a variety of different backgrounds, all with one intention. To feel better. How does it get any better than this?

What do people have to say about Roger?

Roger tells me that people often call him up to mediate or settle their differences.

They tell him that he helps them come to peaceful resolutions. 

He always finds solutions that satisfies everyone.

What do people have to say about Dr. Steph?

Clients and students often say that Dr. Steph is a great teacher.

They feel better after talking with her and gaining new perspectives. 

Her personal motto is to "Learn something new everyday."

Creating a new brain creates a new life.

Is it possible to come out of this time in a better place emotionally, mentally and physically?


That's the simple answer.

Here's our cheerleading section!

Roger and Dr. Steph know what is possible. 

They have lived through tough times and they use that experience and 

information to bring you what works so you can feel better now.

These skills worked for them and they will work for you.

And, it doesn't end here.

You can get ongoing support by contacting either Roger or Dr. Steph to schedule 

a time to consult with them.

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This information may be new for some people  

Roger and Dr. Steph understand that some people may be new to the theories and information included in this program. 

That is one of the reasons we produced it at this time. 

We are in unprecedented times that are filled with uncertainty, stress and fear. 

You can emerge from this period of uncertainty stronger, more courageous and more peaceful than ever.

Your time is now. Embrace it. 

There is no better time than right now to get started.

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