Tapping into Your Bliss

Feel as the world is changing so fast, you can’t keep up?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what is next?

Do you have so much anxiety that you feel frozen?

Is the new information so confusing it is easier to just not do anything?

Do you believe that there is not enough time for all you have to do – so you do nothing?

Find out how to start feeling better right away!

During this FREE live Facebook event – in just 30 minutes a week – you can start tapping into your BLISS!

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Discover the quickest way to tap into your BLISS.

Does this feel like too much of a stretch?

We use an effective and proven technique to shift you instantly.

Join us for just 30 minutes a week to begin feeling more joy and BLISS.

We begin on May 27 at 2:00pm Mountain time and end at 2:30pm

This program runs for 4 weeks so it ends on June 17 


 The Facebook live is FREE.             If you want to have the replay and a transcript, join the paid version of the membership site for $20.00 per month


Tapping into Your Bliss – Join us at the Facebook Optimal Health Coach page

To your BLISS,

Dr. Steph

Start Feeling Better Today​

Join The Making Shifts Happen Community

Are you stuck in chronic pain, illness or stress? Do you really want to break that cycle of unrelenting stress? Talk with Dr Steph and you can start feeling better today?