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Test Test October 16, 2019

Creating and Change

 There are that certain are “givens”, that they are inherent to human experience. This course focuses on consciously engaging with creating and change. In doing so we will be drawn deeper into the mystery and the majesty of being part of a much greater whole that is also working out its process of coming to wholeness through us.

You are called to become increasingly conscious of being co-creators in this amazing universe in which we find ourselves. 

Let’s continue with a review of the key terms.

Create: To cause to come into being; to evolve from a person’s own thought or imagination.

Creative: Having the quality or power of creating.[1]

  • We are committed to the process of healing, the process of becoming increasingly whole.
  • To heal, to move towards wholeness, calls us to create.
  • To heal, to move towards wholeness, calls us to change.

Change Process Change as a process is either open, flowing or it is stuck, going no-where.

What does that have to do with the Base or 1st Chakra? The Base Chakra is the most physical of the chakras. It is closely associated with being an earthly being. What is the predominant emotion of the base chakra. What would be the reason it is the slowest to change?

Watch the video to learn more:

Module One Lesson 1

[1]  The Random House College Dictionary – Revised Edition.

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