Marketing Your Holistic Health Business? Stress Buster Secret #85

Stephanie Stanfield, Ph.D., stress expert and energy therapy practitioner, shares her vast experience and research of health, healing and stress management into an entertaining and educational format.

Our guest today is Kathie Fingerson. Kathie incorporates her marketing degree from the University of Phoenix to educate the community about their wellness options. The company’s mission statement is to build the bridge
between the community and alternative health. These goals are accomplished through her website directory, multiple social media outlets, community presentations and tradeshows.

Healers of the Valley began as a directory of alternative health providers in 2012 and has grown to become a cornerstone for those seeking holistic and wellness options through their growing digital presence and the annual
alternative health expo held in Grand Junction.

Listen to the full interview by clicking below:


Which of the most common stresses do you find holistic practitioners have?
Let’s explore:

  • What are some of the biggest marketing mistakes alternative health providers make?
  • What kind of research needs to be done first?
  • How much time is needed to market correctly and effectively?
  • How is your business different from traditional marketing firms?
  • What are some out-of-the-box options for promotions?

Are you curious as to what you can do to feel more energized, be more efficient, feel happier, and have the changes you choose in your life? Spend some time with Dr. Steph and enjoy the journey to a healthier and more purposeful life!

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